Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Of canoes, plays, horses, spinning wheels, and the end of Pre-K

    My daughter was busy over Memorial Days Weekend  (as were we all) racing in a Canoe Regatta.  The General Clinton Canoe Regatta is the longest flat water race in the world and people up here take it very seriously.  It is a 70 mile race - for the adults.  The youth regatta is held Saturday of that weekend with scouts and other youth groups completing.  What a year!  Last year we had so much rain and the river was so high and filled with debris that the coaches cancelled the relay and just had the younger girls doing 5 mile sprints.  This year we have had very little rain (until today!) and the river was so low that there were several normally navigable sections that required the girls to get out and walk the canoe.  Tricky race, but they all had fun.
back paddling to reach the dock

bringing the canoe back to the trailers

    At the finish line in Bainbridge, there is a carnival which coincides with the regatta.  My youngest son had never been to a carnival, so we took him on a few rides and his sister played a few midway games.  It was a lovely day with perfect weather.
    No rest for our family, Sunday we had a design run for the show I designed costumes for (and hubby is acting in) The Complete Works of Wm. Shakespeare (Abridged), and Monday our daughter was marching in the Memorial Day parade with the middle school band.

    As promised, I have a picture or two of our eldest son at his riding center.  He is really enjoying this time with the horses, and he helps walk them out to the pasture after the lessons.
Bringing the horses to pasture

   Yesterday, I started a spinning class.  I have a friend who is a former student, who is willing to sell me her old spinning wheel.  The big hurdle was to find someone to teach me how to use it.  Well, a lovely woman opened a fibre studio in town, and I took my first lesson yesterday.  I can tell you that I already love it.  It is something which requires you to pay attention, but you can still be thinking or talking while you spin.  Lovely to see the roving turn into a twisted yarn!  So, now I am writing a couple cheques and my friend, Mel, is having her mom send out the wheel.  Oh joy!
    With all the work and excitement of the end of the school year, we cannot forget our youngest and his new adventure.  Friday is the last day of Pre-K.  He has been at a wonderful school which is associated with our college.  The people are terrific and the entire atmosphere is one which allows learning and growth, but is nurturing. They have done so many things this year - planted a garden (which has veggies used at lunch), learned to compost for the garden, gone to the fire house, visited an art gallery, performed a play in Spanish, marched in the Children's Parade - to name a few.   We have the farewell party tomorrow with cake and photos, and lots of fun!
    I hope the end of spring means a chance for this family to slow down - but I do not really think so!


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