Wednesday, October 20, 2010


    I told my sister I had managed to add being a co-president of the elementary school PTO to my list of work and volunteer obligations.  She laughed and said I had the same problem our mother had - she couldn't say "no" either.  She'd try but it became, "no-kay" and she was hooked.  We had the first real PTO meeting last night - so far we have three events lined up, and volunteers for some of them.  I think this is a good start (she says with optimism - if I am drooling and twitching by June, feel free to laugh at me).
    We do not have a secretary yet, so I am (temporarily, I hope) also the recording secretary.
    "What's that?  You need someone to help you with something.  Me? I am really too busy. Crazy schedule.  No spare time. Three kids, you know.  Teaching schedule.  Design work.  Girl Scouts. What?  No one else is stepping up??  No-kay..."

Monday, October 18, 2010

I do not "get" cats

   I swore this would not become the blog about cats - it won't but I have comments.   I must admit that I love the cat we got this past summer.  She is pretty and extremely affectionate.  She literally starts to purr the moment I come into the room - before I even acknowledge her.  However, I have no idea why she feels the compulsive need to walk on the computer keyboard when I am trying to type.  Or better, decide to lounge across the keys when I sit down to begin a project.