Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's Been a While

   There are times when the work I do gets to be all encompassing, and things like blogging seem to just eat into the time when I might be sleeping!  This summer was like that.  It started with a four show summer season of designing costumes for Chenango River Theatre.
    The first show overlapped with a conference I was attending, so I had to tech it a week early.  Luckily Stella and Lou was a three hander, so this was possible.
  The next show, Last Gas, was regular folks, needing to look normal in their environment so the outsider could stick out in an obvious fashion. Fat padding and ranger uniforms are how I will remember this show!

   The Smell of the Kill was my third show, and I got to dress three lovely actresses in nice clothes, pretty underwear, and  a shirt covered in deer blood!  These ladies were a joy to work with!
   Finally I was designing the last show - at the same time i was designing the first show for SUNY Oneonta's season.  neither show was particularly difficult in the actual design - but getting  WWII uniforms to fit 2016 bodies was a trick for Taking Sides, and the quick changes for Stop Kiss (something like 20 for one actress, and seventeen for another) meant the lists and paperwork required to organize the changes took nearly as long as shopping the show!  Still, both shows are up - tech for Taking Sides  only overlapped tech for Stop Kiss by a day and my fabulous crew made it possible for me to not have to be in two places at once.  Photo call for Stop Kiss is tonight, so no pix yet, but here are a few of the cast of Taking Sides. 

   Now I can focus on my next show, Peter and the Starcatcher, and helping my husband finish the barn - but that's another post...