Friday, April 30, 2010

The Proof is in the Photos

    Thanks for your patience as I have been talking about little else but Bat Boy as we were in tech and finally open.  I saw it again last night - this time with an audience - it was great - the house was packed (about 450 people,  I would guess)and the audience primed to have a great time.  The actors were energized by the audience and the show was great!  Just so you know what I was talking about with blood and soot and fur, here are a few photos of the costumes to help you understand.


Two of the deer

the dingy ranchers

Edgar, the bat boy

Crispy Ron = more soot

Bat Boy in the gold lame graduation gown

Meredith and Edgar learning to trust each other

Discovery of the Bat Boy

     The lighting was pretty saturated with colour, which, unfortunately, the camera washed out completely.  

        I think the toughest part of this show was that I decided early on there would be no red in any costumes so when we see blood it is that much more startling.  Do you  know what a popular colour red is for textiles?? I think it all worked out well.  I am going to miss this cast a great deal when this closes.  The actress playing Meredith is one of several who will graduate this May.  She and I have worked together on six shows and I couldn't find a nicer person to work with. Kari has beauty, grace, a lovely voice and an inordinate amount of acting ability.   While I know she will move on to a wonderful career, she will be missed around here.

Did I mention MORE BLOOD??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bat Boy opens tonight!

   Wow!  I could leave it at that, but it would ruin my reputation for wordy posts!  Last night's final dress was terrific!  There was a small invited audience, which really gave the actors a better sense of where the laughter will happen than having just  the other designers and me in the audience.  The show ran smoothly, we got laughs and groans in all the right places.
    Have I mentioned how proud I am to be associated with these student actors and crew members. With just a few exceptions they are doing wonderful work.  The principal actors are giving such wonderful performances! They are required to be triple threats on this show (actor/dancer/singer) and they have all given it their all. 
    So, the show opens tonight - is nearly sold out for two nights, and now we have the fun of seeing if the audience loves it as much as we do.
    Break a leg, my dear actors, merde to you dancers, and toi, toi, toi to all you singers. Have a great show!

  I am so fortunate to work in a field I love with people I really enjoy.  I always wanted to teach - well since the third grade.  And theatre  has been my love since my first lines in the kindergarten play.  To combine them both into one job makes me a very lucky woman. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Dress

       Final Dress means this is the last chance I have to see the costumes before the public does.  This is an exciting night.  Last night went pretty well.  The make up crew actually showed up, so we had make up on the actors - a huge help when one of them needs fangs and pointy ears, when one needs to burn, and there is blood on several occasions.  All the costumes I have put together for this show are great - if I do say so myself!  There is a patina of  "dinge" over everything since this is set in a coal mining town.  The Bat Boy looks wonderful, is creating an endearing and frightening character, and is one of the most gracious, patient actors I have ever had the delight to work with. Pan looks great - thank heaven for men with hairy chests - the real stuff looks so much better than trying to paint it on with make up! 
     There are animal costumes in the show which I did not design - our scenic designer has a past history  of working with body  puppets (similar to mine), so when she really wanted this project - I gave it to her, since a) she is also my department chairperson, and b) as I have already discussed, I am over the "fun" of working with fake fur (or real fur for that matter!). The animals that are complete are very nice - how often do you see a moose costume on stage, really?  There are a few yet to be completed - a few tails and even faces not finished, and this always worries me.  I really like to see the whole show before the audience does.  I hate last minute additions that have not been rehearsed with...keep your fingers crossed.
    All this being said, I have to give a shout out to our actors - they are college students and they are very talented, incredibly well trained, and very dedicated to this project. Ray Delaney who plays the Bat Boy is doing wonderful work.  The seniors in the show will be sorely missed.  Look for these names on Broadway one day, Kari Crimmons, Colin Henehan, Trista Hoyt. 
     Am I gushing? Yes, but it is always such a pleasure when I get to work with such a talented cast, and when the show really comes together - it is a joy!  Thanks to all the men and women on the cast and crew who made this such a fun production!