Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the Hopeful Farmer #2

   So there was good news this week.  We had been waiting to hear from a mortgage agent about whether or not they would take on the farm mortgage and we got the okay.  Our realtor had taken us to a bank he often uses, and we were accepted, but my husband felt like he was being railroaded a bit.  So we went to the folks who hold our home mortgage, and after many appraisals, they approved a mortgage 2 percentage points lower than the other guys were offering.  There are some issues because this is an agricultural piece of property, but  since we are in town and very close to the main drag through town, they made an exception.  Yeah!
    As if the news had spread, today the postman delivered two manuals I had sent for through the NY Farm Net: Harvesting Change:A Planning Workbook for Apple Growers, and The Farmer's Employment Workbook:Job Skills Development for Farmers.   It is getting more real daily.
    I cannot wait to close on the property and get planting. The first things that are going in are the apple trees and the blueberry bushes, followed closely by the chicken coop.   Spent a few minutes comparing chicken breeds as well.  After reading  how to "process" (read "slaughter") meat chickens last night, I think I will start with layers and wait to grow our own roasters.