Saturday, October 18, 2014

More visitors!

     This weekend we have Drew's dad and step-mom up for a visit.  We went to my daughter's swim meet Friday night.  The girls  swam well; the other team was much smaller, and our team won easily.
Our girl at the end of the meet.
Hanging with Pop pop
This morning we took them to see the farm.  Thorin, our sick llama, had a rough morning.  He was lively, but fell  out in the field.  He got up eventually, but you can see how unsteady his posture is.
    We spent a bit of time in the barn as the rain spat down.  Rosie seemed to think Pop pop smelled familiar - perhaps it was his sweater?   
Soon all the girls wanted to hang out with him!  

Judy went out into the  pasture, but the llamas did not  come in.  Alex, in the background, went to try to coax Thorin, but no, neither he, nor Elrond, were interested in meeting new folks. 

   After a trip around the farm, we had a warm lunch and this evening, they are off to see my husband in the last weekend of his marvelous show, Mr. Hart and Mr. Brown.   It has been so nice to have friends and family able to join us an see our small holding and spend time to visit with us. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A good weekend

   The university has a mid-semster break built into the schedule, right around midterms.  This weekend was that break.   We had visitors for a bit of that time.  The friend I have known longest in this world (outside of family) came for a visit, with her mother.  My mom came out as well, so we were all able to catch up.

 We went to see my  husband's show - very good.  And we spend some time in Cooperstown, looking at architecture, taking a ride on the Glimmerglass Queen,  and enjoying perfect Autumn weather.

a small tower best seen from the water

  After our guests left, I got caught up on some chores.  We spent yesterday setting some hay by for the winter.  We loaded and unloaded about 50 bales - the first of many trips to our local hay farmer.  We also harvested good number of wild grapes from the farm.  Although this has been a terrible year for apples - too many late frosts, I think, it was an excellent year for grapes. I got a nice crop from my  concords in the back yard as well.
wild grapes from the farm.
concords from the garden
    Last night I began the sorting process and started  the juice bag for the concords which became jelly this morning.    I have so many wild grapes, I may make a batch of jelly and make some  wine as well.