Saturday, March 10, 2012

Late Winter Visitors

   The activity level at the feeders is  growing as the  migrating birds start returning.

Many of these birds have been here all winter, however.
It was so windy this morning the mourning dove needed to stay fluffed up for warmth

There is always a pair of cardinals living in the spruce trees.  

The nuthatches really love the suet.

So do the woodpeckers

 We have Downy  and Ladderback Woodpeckers visiting daily. We won't see the Pileated Woodpeckers until later summer when they come to eat the crabapples.  They are around - we just never see them.

 I am curious about our blue jays.  For the past few years, we have had anywhere from 6 - 9 living around the house and frequenting the feeder.  This year I have only seen one, and it is very skittish.  I wonder if the local cat or raccoon population has somehow scared/killed them? (Do raccoons kill birds or am I laying possible blame on an innocent species?
The house finches are a treat with their subtle flash of colour

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring bees

  The temps soared to the mid fifties yesterday, so I quickly  cooked up some candy for the bees.  I ran it out to the hive before work, and it was a gorgeous thing to see all the  bees taking their cleansing flights. Keep your fingers crossed that this hive remains as healthy as it currently looks. 
    I actually had to put on the bee hat with the netting  in order to get the candy into the hive.  They were  very curious and were flying all around my head and hands. There is nothing creepier than having a bee get into your hair - you can feel it walking around on your scalp, trying to find a way out, but you cannot freak out or she will get scared and sting.  
   Near 60 degrees today, and tomorrow the prediction is for rain and snow and a forty degree temperature drop overnight.  I love March!