Sunday, July 29, 2012


       No postings recently because the days are filled with keeping our newest family member out of mischief!

Meg is a puppy we adopted from a rescue - a mutt who has terrier tendencies (read digging and very fast), is quite smart and very mild tempered and wants to be a lap dog. So far she is 17 lbs. and is about 5 1/2 months - they think.  She and her litter mates were rescued from a kill shelter and their actual birthdate is unknown. We are guesstimating she will be a little girl - 30 lbs at most.  She is definitely the tiniest dog we have ever owned.  
    Meg arrived a week ago and is fitting in pretty well. She has a great curiosity about yarn - dangerous in this house as I have it everywhere - in baskets, bags, on the spinning wheel.  So far I have rescued some un-spun fiber she was trying to shred,  rewound a skein of yarn, and pulled her head out of my knitting bag.
     Our older dog is okay with her.  She is asserting her dominance over the puppy, mostly by the occasional bark.  She is not too certain  about this little one.  She was quite happy as the sole dog.

To show the size difference. 
   The cat, however, is not amused.  She has been walking around with her tail fluffed out to the size of a bottle brush, spitting and hissing.  At one point yesterday, my husband saw her  chasing Meg up from the basement.  That was funny!
     The main reason for the adoption was our youngest son really needed a playmate.  There are almost no children his age on our street, and the one there is has daycare in the summer. Also, we like the idea of an overlap of dogs.  Our older dog, Tasha, is now 12 and has  a couple years left, we estimate.  I find transitions are easier when another dog is in place.

She really likes hanging out on the hammock.

The brindling on her legs makes her look like she just played in the mud!

     All three of the children love Meg, and I think it is a good fit.