Friday, December 6, 2013

crafting on the cheap

            Okay, Christmas is my favorite time of year, and the time when, as most of do, I feel like I need just two more weeks of time for making gifts.  I also always need more money.  This year is not an exception, so I started looking for supplies in various places.  First, in my search for copper wire, I went to Walmart.  Here is what they had:
This is what it cost for 7 feet of coloured copper wire, which is 16 gauge, and very pretty. It will work for some of what I am doing. 

     I really wanted copper coloured copper wire, so I planned to get the old telephone wires that maintenance pulled out of my office years ago (and were throwing away) which I pulled out of the garbage and stashed in my file cabinet.  Stripping the insulation is not fun, but free is good, right?  Then today I was in Lowes looking for washers, and a few other things, and I wandered into the electrical aisle - just to look.  Ha! Gold mine - or a copper mine in this case.  I saw all the various well insulated cables they carry, and then, at the end of the aisle, the spools. Spools of pure copper, non-insulated wire. Gorgeous!

  Even more gorgeous was the price.  
It was 93 cents per foot, and $1.32 per foot.  HOWEVER, we are talking 7 strands of wire, when untwisted. So for $1.86 and $2.64 respectively, I got 14 feet of copper wire - 6 and 4 gauge.

Very happy; now I have to get very busy!