Monday, April 6, 2015

                 A man died last night.  This statement can be made all over the world, and someone will smile sadly, or weep for him.  Here and now, it is my turn.  A man died last night.  He was a husband, a father, a grandfather, and a friend.  He was a quiet man of magic – chuckling when we were amazed by his entertainments.  He never failed to have a smile.  He never failed to have a magic trick in his pocket, or up his sleeve.
                 A man died last night; he was the father of my very dear friend.  He was my  “adopted” dad – who was there through the years of teenage giggling, and angst,  sleepovers,  boyfriends,  concerts, and Girl Scouts meetings. He could blow enormous bubbles.  He could hunt.  He could bend a penny.  He was a constant in the lives of many of us.
             He may not be remembered for doing some really big thing, but many will remember him for all the little things he did.  And for his smile.  And for his chuckle.  I will miss that chuckle.
Goodbye, Pa Noll