Saturday, September 8, 2012

Meet Annie

   I know there are many who will think we are crazy.  They may be right.  Today we adopted another puppy from the rescue where we got Libby.  So we are now a three dog family.  Two of them puppies. Libby really needed a playmate, and Tasha (our 12 year old dog) really needed a break from Libby trying to get her to play by climbing on her, nipping her, etc...
   Annie is larger - possible black lab with shepherd.


 Her paws are not dainty.  She is solid, and pretty unflappable so far.  She has only been here a few hours, and she has had to put up with Libby chewing on her ears at any opportunity.  She is very mellow, so far.  She has a nice soft mouth, and we are hoping she will be a water dog.
    All three of our dogs are snugglers, wanting to be on or near someone.

    It has been a busy day for both puppies as we took Libby with us this morning to get Annie.  Both did well in the car -  a good thing,  since we travel often.  After several hours of wrestling, then relaxing and then doing it again, they have finally conked out.
Libby on her back, Annie on her stomach.
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The First Day

    At last, at last, the first day of school is here!  Since my husband and I have been in classes for two weeks, we are perhaps a tad more thrilled than we should be.  This year we have a junior a sophomore and a second grader.  There is no coming home and relaxing over a nice meal to discuss the events of the day.  No, our daughter's first swim meet is tonight with a parents' meeting afterwards.  I think it will be pizza tonight!

going off to school

the dog will stay here, thank you very much!

wearing his new dinosaur tee

Waiting for the bus with Daddy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dyeing on Labor Day

   Hmm, what to do on Labor Day when it is  cloudy and no one wants to do anything? Dye! We had bought 16 tee shirts for my son's party - they came in packs of 8 - and we were expecting 10 kids.  When five arrived we were left with a few extra shirts.  So yesterday my youngest son and I used up several half filled bottles of Rit dye and  spent some quality time away from the television.  

be sure to cover your clothes

Always use tongs

the first few hanging to dry

the resist we liked the best

over-dyed and scrunched

the first tie dye and a dipped shirt

the perfect background

And it glows in the dark, too!

Monday, September 3, 2012


* Autumn comes early in upstate NY.  Leaves are already changing on some trees, and while drinking my coffee on the patio this morning I watched the leaves from the neighbor's birch trees flutter down.

*Few things are funnier than watching a puppy discover a Daddy-Long-Legs for the first time.  Pounce - she grabs it in her mouth. She drops it.  It starts to walk away, she grabs it again. She drops it.  After several  catches, she loses track of it.  She searches the patio, the grass - only to discover she is standing on it.  Now that it looks like a supine lentil with legs, it is no longer interesting.

*Television has too many channels.

*Our cat is not a dog person.

*I could never run a dog rescue.  I would never want to let any of the dogs be adopted.

*I want to have a party. Summer  may be on the way out, but a nice evening fire and some friends is always a good thing!

*Sometime stubbornness can work to your advantage.  My son is afraid of the dark.  He went upstairs to grab his blanket but his ceiling fan/light was set to just fan.  He came back down without the blanket.  When asked where his blanket was, he said, "It was dark." Then he set forth again, and we could see him pushing himself, determined to do this - to conquer the fear and get the blanket.  Kind of neat to watch the growth as it occurred.