Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Knock, knock. Who's there? Nook. Nook who?

     I am a reader. I read  in bed. I read at the table. I  read in the bath tub.  I even read as I am brushing my teeth - really - why waste two good minutes.   I like books that are paper.  I like the smell, the weight, the feel of them in my hand.
     My son just got a Nook on loan from school for his English assignment.  I was intrigued.  It is relatively compact.  There are dozens of stories loaded onto it.  It looks pretty convenient, if the  conditions are right.  If there is electricity to charge it.  If you have no problems downloading the stories.  However, if I drop my book in the bathtub - yes, this happened once - I swear, and let it dry with napkins between the pages and it is  still readable.  It may have wavy pages, but it is still accessible.  If I drop a Nook in the see my point.
    So, like the woman in this article I will continue to be interested in the electronic format of books, but I will still haunt my local book shops, and, and spend more time than I have to spare reading library books.