Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye Seniors, and best of luck!

   Today we had a little lunch get together with our graduating seniors and the faculty who could make it.  Nothing fancy - burgers, dogs, salads - and a lot of sunshine.  Gorgeous day - low 80s and sunny!! We found out that the terraced patio behind our house works better for evening gatherings in warm weather. the only shade we had was from the patio umbrella and the house, and so we all crunched together to stay cool.
    It was nice to see the students all together - we so often see them only one or two at a time, either in classes or the hallway.  I do not often get sentimental about graduates - well not too often - but this was a very special group of seniors.  I really wish them well.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check one off the bucket list

      Trying to actually start doing things I want to do...within reason and my budget.  The area's adult education flier came a few months ago and I found a stained glass class which actually fit my schedule. (This is not easy!).  So for three Saturdays, for three hours each, I learned to created stained glass, and built a sun catcher.  Is it high art? No, but I am pleased with the end results, and my youngest son covets it for his room, so I must have done something right!  
   The teacher was very helpful - even though, when she showed us the project options, I took the hardest one!  I just couldn't see me really being happy making a flower.  I will say, this was a challenge for the first  time trying this.  All the curves were time consuming, and the orange frill/mane part was so small I kept snapping it.  Very frustrating!  I love the fluidity of colour in the glass.  Look at the close up and you can see the placement of one swirl made a nostril for the dragon! 
    Finished grading my finals and I am done with school for another summer.  We had first read for my first show of the season, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). It is very funny, but the costumes are going to be a lot of very fast changes. A challenge.  My dear hubby is acting in it, so at least we get to see each other during dress rehearsals and such. 
    Off to clean - we are having all the faculty and graduating seniors from our dept. over for lunch tomorrow.  Also must go watch my daughter's track meet.