Thursday, October 9, 2014

  It has been a busy summer into autumn.       
A quick catch up:  
The sheep are growing.   

I occasionally baked a pie.

This llama - Thorin - is sick.  He contracted menegial worms, which  mess with his spine, and could  end in death.  We are working hard to prevent that, with lots of meds,  and vet visits.  His back legs still drag or he bumps his hind feet into things, even after  two major rounds of Panacure, and Ivermectin.

We have had large yellow lawn ornaments in the pasture most of the summer.  We are now on the last phase as the guys finish up turning one side of the marsh land back into a pond.

 The children are already looking forward to  winter skating - as am I!

 I designed a lot of shows for Chenango River Theatre, like Unnecessary Farce

The Marvelous Wonderettes: Caps and Gowns


Mr. Hart and Mr. Brown

and Design For Living for SUNY Oneonta, for which I currently have no photos.

Our little man celebrated his 9th birthday.  I would love to say that  his big present elicited this response, but, no, it was the packages of Pokemon cards

We are all keeping busy: sabbatical for my husband,  various sports, plays, and riding  lessons for children, and I just started rehearsals for Into The Woods, in which I shall be Jack's Mother.  
More later...