Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29

The bunny with 80s rocker hair!
   So the winter that wasn't showed up on the day that was made up.  Here we are February 29 and we are getting our first real storm of the season.  Now that Spring is a mere three weeks away, I think Winter decided to stop being shy.

    Of course, schools were closed early because they are worried about the sleet which is supposed to follow the snow later today.

    In the mean time, the boys have already been sledding and enjoying the weather. How about you? 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our First Pinewood Derby

   As our youngest is now a Cub Scout,  we are entering the world of Boy Scouting.  As a woman with only sisters, this is a foreign domain.  Last night was the Pinewood Derby, a rite of passage for boys  (and apparently their fathers).  My husband and son spend several hours over about three weeks crafting a car from a block of wood. It looks like a crocodile. It is painted gorgeously, but not very aerodynamic.
A Tiger Cub and his Crocodile Car

 I think they both had fun working on it, and that is what mattered - to us.
     Last night was an eye opener.  There were men making adjustments to cars, adding weight and such, minutes before the race began.  Now to me, this seems unfair.  You build it, you weigh it, you run it.  Not these dads. They were going to WIN.  My husband and a friend of ours just shrugged - reality check folks - this is about the boys (or should be).
   My son was a good sport.  His car never placed higher than 3rd in any heat it ran in, but he was okay with that.  They all got participation ribbons, so he has something to show for his hard work.  And they all got pizza and cookies and juice.  A good night.  Afterward we went to the library, making it a great night.