Friday, September 21, 2012

Settling in

     It has been two weeks since we added the last puppy to the pack, and things have sort of settled into a rhythm.  At any given time, the two puppies can be found alternately chewing on each other as they wrestle, or sleeping in some sort of dog pile.  

Favorite spot - under the computer on or near someone's feet
Libby in back, Annie up front
   Annie is very mellow - a down right laid back puppy. Libby is still jumpy, crazy and determined to dig up and replant every bulb in the back yard gardens.   Our old girl, Tasha, is a bit more tolerant now, but still barks the little ones into submission every now and then.    
    Took Annie to the vet and he places her age at nearly 5 months, judging from her teeth - older than we thought.  She is healthy, just shy.  
   Typical welcome when I come in:  Tasha looks up, or comes over and snuffs my hand. Libby jumps all over me, wanting to be picked up and petted.  Annie comes up, rubs against my leg and waits to be petted, or licks my leg.  It is an odd bunch, but so far, so good.