Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hopeful Farmer #4

     We bought a farm!  Yesterday we FINALLY went to closing on the farm.  Now we do not have to ask permission to run up the hill.  I can pull cattails at will.  I can plant the largest garden I want to.  Or not.  Now that we KNOW the sale has gone through, we can really plan - before it was about being, well, hopeful.  Now it gets real.
     Today, after volunteering at the elementary school, my husband and I took a test drive in the tallest truck I have ever driven. If it did not have a handle built into the front of the door area, I would never be able to get into it.  If we buy it, I may have to stash a small step stool behind the seat! It is big, and has a utility cap with the little side cabinets on the outside, V-8 engine and some rust - a perfect farm truck because I would never worry about it if it got a ding or a scratch.
    When the gate is down, I am tall enough to throw feed bags in the back.  However, I do have to climb the back to close the door on the cap.  Ah, the disadvantages of being short!
    Now to coop building and chicken purchases!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Hopeful Farmer #3

    It has been forever - or at least it feels that way - since we made the offer on the farm.  Okay, so it was a month and a half ago, but in the Spring, for me, losing half of April and all of May for planting trees and bushes is very difficult, and thus seems eternal.
    We have been jumping through every hoop Wells Fargo  put before us, as well as the realtor, the insurance companies - heck, the Universe in general.  Today we did the walk through, and would have closed if one of the attorneys had not been needed in court.  So, (as my Dad used to say) "God willing and the creek don't rise" we will be closing tomorrow afternoon.
    There are so many possibilities; it is very exciting - and scary - and daunting, but all possible.  We walked through the barn today with an eye for chicken coop placement.  Looked with a critical eye at the two ponds which have been silted in for some time and which we will try to reclaim - somehow!

 They are filled with cattails, so we have our own supply of free starch and protein (and you thought I did not really read all my Euell Gibbons books!) as well as some fabulous fiber possibilities from the fluff (is it possible to spin it?) and from retting the stalks.   Lately evenings have been spent on Craig's List looking at second hand pick up trucks, and tractors with bush hog attachments.
   We asked to visit the farm on Mother's Day, and the owner graciously allowed it, and we got some shots of the place in Spring.
one of the stone walls marking the border
    Hiking through the forested area, the kids were already planning  camping trips with their friends. There are lots of different types of wildlife  - deer, bears, turkeys, porcupines, and salamanders! The owner said there have been mountain lion sightings, but he himself has not seen any.
So much better than a computer screen!

We have a lot of very interesting trees on the property.

Apples or crabapples? I still do not know. 

The view from the area I have dubbed "Bald Mountain."

Looking down at the house and barn from the high pasture.
So, keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow! I'll keep you posted as well!