Friday, March 25, 2011


I take hope in nature. Spring is coming!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saw this and thought I'd share

Last year, 250,000 people in America went barefoot for one entire day to raise awareness for the millions of children around the world who have no choice but to walk without shoes. This year, will you join them?

The idea is to raise awareness.  Also Tom's will donate shoes to needy children for every pair purchased. Sounds worth doing, no?
   It is cold here in NY in April, but I will try

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catch Up - Autistic License, Big Love, and Family

   What a crazy month March is turning into!!   Last night we did a staged reading of Autistic License by Stacey Dinner-Levin. It went really well and we had a really good talk-back session afterwards.  Thanks to Chloe Jean for making it work.  I played the role of "Mom" and it was - well, not fun - but a great experience.

   Sunday my eldest turned 15 years old! Egads!  When did that happen???

   Friday, Mom came up to see the kids and see the reading.  It is the first time she has been here for more than a quick turn in a long while.

   Still collecting sap.  I hope to do the boil on Sunday - I have plenty of sap - not so sure if there is enough wood for the fire.

   Working on the costumes design for Big Love by Charles Mee which we open in about two weeks.  I am up to my elbows in white sating and taffeta.  And tuxedos.  And dinner jackets...

   Doing the props and costume design for a performance art piece with Eric Gansworth. That goes up the end of April, so we are in production on that already.

   I know Easter is in here somewhere, and Spring break, when my daughter is heading on a class trip to the Grand Canyon and other points West.  When May rolls around, I plan to collapse for a day, maybe two.