Monday, November 28, 2011

California for Thanksgiving

    I popped out to California for the week of thanksgiving.  My youngest sister had spinal surgery and I was there to  help out, drive her to  the doctor, etc.  My eldest sister was there for the week after the surgery - she had the trickier  time of it.  Mine was week 2 so I was not as critically necessary.  It was nice to spend some time with my sister, and brother-in-law.
   I flew out of Albany to Boston in a tiny Cessna. It held ten people, one of whom was the pilot.  I swear I have been in vans that are larger!  From Boston it was a non-stop to CA.
"We Flap Harder" Airlines

The pilot of this plane was very puzzled as to why I was taking his photo!

    Driving up from San Jose to their house was gorgeous.  Here is a look at the San Luis Reservoir which I drove past.

Windmill farm on the top of the hill

   Thanksgiving was a feast - but I am not used to cooking for only three people, so we had a ton of food!
For having had spinal surgery just two weeks earlier, she was pretty mobile!

Lest you think the 52 Project has fallen by the wayside, let me assure you it has not.  I made a hat for my son, while in CA, but did not take a photo.  I also completed my first sock.  
Okay, maybe this only half counts, since it is not a pair, so there is still some yarn in the stash, but it took me over a year to do.  I worked on it last Christmas  while traveling, then put it down after we came home and just picked it up out of the unfinished projects bin.  It is my very first sock. This is my second attempt - I tried socks once before, and spent more time pulling out stitches and getting used to double pointed needles than I did  actually completing the sock. It  is currently languishing in the unfinished pile.    I have pretty much been a self-taught knitter.  I learned the very basics from my mom when I was little, but the rest I have parsed out from books and articles. So this sock, knitted in Patons Stretch Sock ( a blend of cotton, wool, acrylic and nylon) is an accomplishment. (And it actually fits me!) The REAL accomplishment, however, will be getting both done and wearing them!
     This week I also began knitting some Christmas presents which I cannot speak about. 


I wish the end of year holidays were spread out a bit more.  How about we keep Thanks giving in Nov.  but move Christmas to February to give everyone a chance to breathe as their turkey is digesting before they are inundated with the Christmas shopping frenzy?
    November began with the opening of She Stoops to Conquer at the college.  I designed the costume look, renting some and building others.  The wigs were created by a wonderfully talented young man who has returned to school for a computer graphics  degree after having gotten  a degree in theatre.  Without the wigs, the show would have looked flat and boring!
    Here are a few shots.

Marlowe and Kate in her plain dress

Mrs. Hardcastle, Mr. Hardcastle and Tony Lumpkin

Tony at the tavern

The seeds of deception being planted