Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's get through midterms

   I am referring to the tests at my college, not elections!  Getting through this week means I will finally have time to get some "at home" work done.  You know the type (or maybe you don't) - sorting through the Mount Everest of clean laundry and not only folding and putting it away, but getting rid of all the clothes that our youngest outgrew, the socks that no bleach will whiten, and the hole ridden tee shirts.  There are only so many "farm shirts" any one person needs.  After the 80 degrees of two days ago, we are headed to the 40s by Saturday, so perhaps the shorts can get transferred out and the turtlenecks can be switched into the dressers.
    Last weekend I took the super off the bee hive and checked the girls before closing it up for the winter.  I am debating wrapping it in tar paper this year - we are supposed to have a pretty rough winter in the Northeast and it does help keep out some of the wind, and absorb any of the winter sun's heat. When I peaked in, they had filled their frames pretty fully, so I believe they have enough food to make it through.
What you are seeing is the capped honey(that is the bright yellow and dark stuff in between the frames) and the rectangular shapes on the top are propolis that they used to glue the queen excluder to the frames.  Generally the more propolis they create, the more prepared they are for the winter.  It acts as a glue, but also a caulk to keep out the wind.  
     I did manage to get a bit of dyeing done this weekend. Here is some wool dyed with goldenrod.

 I have more dyeing to do, more baking, some Christmas presents to create, seven gardens to put to bed for the season - you see the pattern.  This fall I only have one show to design (scenery and costumes) - An Almost Holy Picture, a one man show which my husband is doing in Dec. so I may actually have a little time to get a few of these things done.  Then Spring brings the fun of costumes for Peter and the Starcatcher.
     Hoping you have time to do your baking, gardening, and crafting as well!