Monday, June 25, 2012

Fish Killer

Quiet fishermen
A study in silence... for a moment
Hunting frogs
   This weekend was free fishing weekend in our state.  My boys go fishing a lot.  I rarely go because I would never go enough to make the price of the license worth it. (I am cheap!)  Saturday we all went fishing at a pond not far from us.  The pond has small mouth bass, blue gills, pumpkin seeds, and frogs.   It was not a good night for fishing.  We had very few nibbles even on the worms (we used worms and lures variously).  I managed to catch the first fish of the night.  It was a small pumpkin seed - very pretty.

My pumpkin seed.
Not so sure of this!
Trying to remove the buried hook
  Unfortunately,  my hook was larger than it should have been, and the fish swallowed the darn thing.  When my husband tried to take out the hook, it took quite a while.  I was certain it was dead.  Then, when he held it in the water for a bit, it started right out of his hands - and flipped upside down.  This is not good.  It flailed around upside down for a few minutes, then...nothing.  The poor fish became  food for others fish.  I felt terrible.  I mean, it is one thing if you are fishing to have the  creature feed you.  I can deal with the hunter/gatherer mentality.  But to have it just die - oh, sadness!
frog legs
The second fish 

  Our youngest was the fisherman of the day - he caught 2 pumpkin seeds, and about 23 frogs!
Of course, before the night was out, he managed to fall into the pond and get drenched and he was chilly.  Luckily I wore a  flannel, so we managed to get the wet clothes off and the flannel on.  We are nothing if not stylish!