Friday, November 9, 2012

Leaves before Sandy and blanket after

   The predictions were dire.  Clear everything out of the yard that could fly.  We obeyed the warnings, put by several gallons of drinking water, filled the tub for flushing, had canned foods, extra ice to keep the freezer/fridge cold when the power left us, and extra candles.  Now I am sending coats, blankets and hats and mittens to the  many who suffered all the things that were predicted for us that never happened.   We were lucky.  Our area got no more wind than an average summer storm, and very little rain.   Before the storm, we spent the weekend cleaning up - here is the result from the front yard alone:

With Four maples in the front yard alone, we get a few leaves!

Losing Mommy in the leaf pile

With Daddy.
below, watch Dad's entrance (but don't throw up, Mom is no cinematographer!)

  We are so grateful that we were spared, and that we are able to help friends and strangers who were hit so hard by the storm.  If you can spare any warm coats, boots, or money, please consider contacting your local red Cross to see how you can help.