Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Coop and Crayons

   The chicks living in the brooder box are getting cramped, so it is a good thing we have ALMOST completed the chicken tractor.  My husband and I were roofing it today, and have to add the doors and windows before we can out  the chicks in.  The roofing material is a currogated material that feels like some form of rubber coated felt.  It is dark brown, and pencil did not show up on its surface.  We needed a grease pencil, which, of course, was not in the tool box we had at the farm.  However, a mother is never without a stash of things to keep kids occupied in the car, so I was able to dig out a yellow crayon and it did just fine.  We are hoping by tomorrow to have the birds in ther new domicile.
   My husband and I start back to school this week.  Summer was so busy and stressful, I am actually looking forward to classes.  My teaching load is a little lighter this term - I still have three classes, but we lowered the class size in my Theatre Appreciation classes from 65 in each to 50.  This means 30 less papers to grade, 60 less projects, 60 fewer exams,  and 210 less quizzes to grade.  I will only have 116 student this term as opposed to the 146 I has last fall term.  Whew! 
    Fall also includes designing two productions, one at the college of Clybourne Park, and The Outgoing Tide at Chenango River Theatre, with a dream cast which includes my husband. This will be so nice for him.  Right now he is in a brilliant and beautiful production of The Winter's Tale, by William Shakespeare.  He is King Leontes and the Shepherd, and has been so busy and stressed by this very heavy show, starting on Outgoing will be quite relaxing!