Saturday, June 19, 2010


   The spinning wheel arrived yesterday!  My husband signed for it while I was out in the garden, so it was a big surprise to see the box in the foyer.  It is still in the box.  I have great trepidation about opening the box to assemble it before I have time to COMPLETELY assemble it!  It would be my pattern to lose the one piece necessary to make it work.
    Can hardly wait for spinning class on Tuesday to tell my teacher. It is a little different than the wheel I am learning on. This is a single treadle wheel and I am learning on a little Ladybug, which has a double treadle.  I think I will adapt without any issues!
     Lovely and nicely warm today - the hops are really taking off - up and over the top of the arbor.  The cotton is doing nothing - not dying - which is good, but not really growing either.  i hope that the weather stays hot so it can grow a bit. It does not seem to like the cooler weather we had.  I guess that is why you never heard of the great cotton fields of upstate NY!
    Have to get my head together for my Girl Scout meeting on Monday. We are having our court of awards, and we are also doing a flag retirement ceremony.  I loved having this experience when I was a girl.  I hope my troop likes it, and appreciates the gravity of what they are doing.
    I'm off to fold  laundry - exciting Saturday night in my house ~  Woo Hoo!!!

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