Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More advice for my daughter

  • Do not forget that everyone has their story. Take time to listen to others, even when you are bursting to talk
  • Smile at everyone, even someone who may not be your favorite person
  • Always call if you are going to be late
  • Never cancel a date at the last minute - unless it is a true emergency: this includes, death (yours or others), having a tire blow out, your car dying on the way  - you get the picture
  • Manners count - make sure yours are good ones
  • Include all the kids in the game - even those you don't know - you might make a new friend
  • Brush your teeth AND your tongue.  No one likes halitosis
  • Exercise is worth it
  • Grow things - vegetables, flowers, herbs on a window sill - green and growing things are good for the soul
  • Friends will come and go in this life, but your brothers are your brothers forever, and they love you
  • A piece of chocolate won't kill you, just don't over do it
  • You are never too old to kiss your parents goodnight
  • Go lightly on criticism and heavy on the praise
  • Take time to be quiet sometimes - your private thoughts are worth having
  • There is nothing you cannot tell Daddy or me, always feel free to talk

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