Monday, August 16, 2010

seeing purple

  I've been spinning quite a bit - still working on the  Lincoln Cross wool in Spring Violet.   I want to get it all spun and plied so I can get busy on the rest of the spinning I need to do to start on Christmas presents.  I am woefully behind on starting  Christmas this year - I am usually well underway with projects by July - even then I sometime run short on time. (Karen, I am still working on that quilt - it will be done before the snow flies!)
    Of course, I do not have enough bobbins to switch back and forth from one wool to the other, so I stay with the violet.  Because I am prone to boredom (hence the 15 concurrent projects) I have ordered more bobbins from Pacific Wool and Fiber in Oregon.  It took a lot of restraint to keep from ordering more fiber - they have camel down which I am dying to try - but I just ordered bobbins.  I finally gave in and got some Faroese wool to spin from 62 Degrees North and that will be next.  So, if I look a bit linty the next few times you see me, heck, throughout the autumn, you'll know the reason why! I may be linty, but I'll be happy!
    Oh - off topic, I spent the weekend earning my Reiki I certification. I was taught/attuned by Chris Rosenthal, a very nice woman who has been a Reiki Master since 1988.  It was a very interesting, calming, joyful and indescribable experience.  If anyone is interested in having me Reiki them, let me know.  I have been giving my eldest son Reiki as he sits and watches tv.  He doesn't have to know what I am doing for it to work. And maybe, just maybe, it will help him some.

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