Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Salads

I love when food looks pretty as well as tastes good.  Summer salads are often so much prettier than winter ones.  Here is last night's example:

Boston and iceberg lettuces, red grapes, blue borage blossoms, orange nasturtium flowers, purslane
The flowers and the purslane were from our garden; the lettuces and grapes from the market. 

My husband looping a trailing vine of the winter squash up onto the trellis. As you can see in the left bed, I planted too many tomatoes, but after last year, I couldn't help myself.
     My garden is doing its thing - we are getting pretty good at going vertical - the nasty rose we transplanted/uprooted (which I am waiting for some rosarian to tell me was a rare heirloom) was on an old and somewhat rusty green trellis. Instead of ditching it, we gave it a new life for another season or two - before it rusts through - as a squash trellis.
Winter squash to the left of photo, cucumber and a small watermelon on the  right side, unmown grass all around, and husband in the center being silly. 
The two bean towers on the right are loaded, as is the bamboo teepee in front of them.  I went a little bean crazy!

Hubby being goofy under the hops vines. 
     I have to start researching beer recipes. The hops are doing very well this year, and we will have a crop of aromatic and bitter hops. So I will need to make beer soon.  I make wine, so I do not find the idea daunting, merely the taste testing.  I think most beer tastes like muddy swamp water, so I will depend on my husband and neighbors to let me know when I get it right!


  1. What an awesome looking garden Barby! Looks like so much fun :] My mom loves to make summer salads from her garden too! I'll show you the link to her're both moms with young kiddos so you might like it too!

    We call the special salad 'Beema Salad,' and now all of the girls at Cedar are in love with it..Kari especially! haha it contains:
    Baby spinach, mandarins, cran-raisins, feta cheese, avocados, and a splash of red wine vinegar/olive oil.

    Hope you're having a beautiful summer Barby!

    this is momma's blog-

  2. Kara - Mmmm - sounds great. We often add the mandarins as the kids can't get enough of them, but I never thought about adding avocados along with the other fruits - We'll be trying it soon!
    This summer has been far too busy, but we are enjoying ourselves. look forward to seeing you soon!

  3. Oooh the avocados are sooo yummy in a salad.. a little slimy for kids to get used to sometimes, but you could make a game of it :] haha, can't wait to start make-up with you soon!