Saturday, October 16, 2010

New fiber

    My spinning teacher is about to close her shop. In fact, today was the last day.  She will still be working out of her home, but her shop was very sweet - she has a HUGE floor loom that is in the front window, shelves of fiber ready to be spun, and a workroom in back for dyeing the fibers.  I popped in yesterday to buy some wool for Christmas presents.

So far this Romney Lambswool is spinning up quickly. I am loking forward to working with the brown and rose in combination.    I also grabbed four ounces of a merino/silk blend - can't wait to get moving on that!

Isn't this gorgeous?  And it is so soft.  I have a specific person in mind to be receiving a gift from this. 
    I plied some of the violet Lincoln Cross Wool I had been spinning on and off for the past couple of months (maybe longer - time compresses when school is in session).  It looks okay - fairly balanced.

These are photos of the exact same spool, but they look radically different.   The top photo is closer to the actual colour.  You can see a touch of grey in the top picture. This is because periodically I added small handfuls of grey in with the purple, so when I knit it will have the occasional soft grey and purple striping.  I hope I get the results I intended!
     I have to get the needles out and get to work - Christmas is only two months away!

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