Monday, January 24, 2011

More massages

    I spent this last weekend in the Finger Lakes region of NY at an inn and spa.  It was a get away weekend with my husband to celebrate our anniversary (a bit belatedly, but it was the earliest we could work it into our schedules).  What a lovely place - Mirbeau Inn and Spa.
    We got massages the first night we were there,  during which my massage therapist asked me if it had been a while since I had a massage. (ha!) Afterwards, she told me, "You really could use a few more massages for those shoulders."  What a great thing to say - now I can say a professional said I need more massages! Surely that means I should take her advice!!
    I really enjoyed the room with its deep soaking tub, fireplace and comfy chairs, and a mattress I wanted to strap to the top of the car and drive off with. The Aqua Terrace with its outdoor whirlpool/hot tub with the waterfall was wonderful,  but the best part had to be the chaises in the relaxation room.  I met the challenge my husband put forth, and just lay still relaxing and not moving for at least an hour - it was bliss. The room looked like something out of Pompeii (sans ruins) with pillars and frescoed walls, a small pool with water dripping from the center stone, all in shades of terra cotta and gold. Very calming, very restful.  I want to turn my basement into a relaxation room now!
    Even the drive home through the lake region was lovely.  We had sunshine - yes, SUNSHINE - all weekend.  I think it had been about a month and a half since I saw the sun, so this was impressive.
   Now we are back and I have to get to work, but I must take the advice I was given and get more massages.  Surely even I can squeeze that into my schedule.

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  1. How odd. I was just looking at Mirbeau for a birthday celebration in April. Did you eat there, too?