Monday, February 14, 2011

Manners - where did they go?

    Fair warning this is a rant.  Can someone please tell me where manners went?  And why??  I am getting so tired of dealing with rude people - more importantly, rude children.  Now, I am not saying my children are perfect or exhibit positive behaviors at all times, they do not. No child does.  But the consistency of bratty, rude children I am seeing is getting greater, and we, as adults, should be ashamed of ourselves!
   Example: recently my son attended a birthday party.  I shall not be more specific since he has attended a few recently, and I am a coward who will not name names!  Anyway, the entire class seemed to be invited.  The birthday child did not acknowledge the presence of many of the children, only a small clique.

Question #1:  If you do not want to play with/ hang out with the others, why invite them? No one says you must like everyone in your class.

When I told my son to get the birthday child's attention and wish them a happy birthday, the child ignored my son, even after he tapped the child on the shoulder three different times (since it was a noisy place where the party was being held).

Question #2:  Did no one teach the child to  just say thank you, even if the person conveying the greeting was not the favorite friend?

At present time, the mountain of gifts were torn through with no idea of who gave what, as the birthday child tore off all cards and cast them aside.  A desperate older sibling or friend was trying to read the cards, but to no avail.  THEN the birthday child COMPLAINED because there was not enough candy in the gifts!

Question #3: How would you feel, birthday child, if someone did this to you after you'd spend time and thought to get a gift?

This is just one incident, there are more - don't get me started on cell phones, texting, etc.  Even VERY BASIC things like saying, "You're welcome, " after a person thanks you, seem to have fallen by the wayside.  Why?  It is so easy to be kind and polite.  A simple thank you, or looking someone in the eyes when they address you can change the energy in a room.
   If anyone can answer my questions, please feel free to post.
Thanks for letting me blast - it will keep me from saying it to the parents of the child, which, as we all know, would be rude.

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  1. I agree! For every nice polite child I meet, that one seems to be overshadowed by two or three brats.

    My kids (24 and 20) were raised to behave in public or reap the consequences. I believe I succeeded wonderfully because when we're out in public now and they hear a child throwing a tantrum, they comment on what brats those kids are and why don't the parents take care of it?

    Not saying thank you for gifts you receive is horrible; why would parents allow their children to be so selfish?

    Anyway, I'm firmly in your corner. Long may Politeness and Courtesy reign.