Monday, March 7, 2011

Fibers of all kinds and snow

    For my friend, Faith, who wanted to see the fractured black spun up - here is a quick picture or two. .    

I am not sure what to ply it with.  Since I was just playing with the dyes, I did not do a large amount, so plying it together might yield enough for a hat, if I am lucky. However, plying it together might make it muddy, as there is not real pattern to the dyed areas as there would be if I had painted it.  I was thinking of plying it with a  grey so the colours stand out without looking garish.  Any suggestions would be welcome.
    My daughter cut her hair today.  She had never cut it before, except for a few trims of split ends.  I have before and after shots.  Do you know, it was not until after we were home that I thought I should grab a bit and see if I could spin it!  Most of it was donated to Locks of Love, so there wasn't too much
to grab.



After the curling iron!
   On another note, winter decided to assure us that she is not gone yet by dropping about two feet of snow on us overnight.   We were thinking maybe the darn groundhog was right, and then, Wham! 

The bluejay taking off

The woodpeckers are thrilled with the suet
Even the crows are fluffed up for warmth
He looks much younger with the snow burying him!
After a long day playing,  no one wants to walk all the way up the hill. This is why big sisters are the best!