Monday, May 16, 2011

Family stitches

     In keeping with my resolution of Jan. 2, I am trying to accomplish a few things, and clear out others. I have finished the bathroom trim, am halfway through repainting the kitchen, and am working on de-cluttering - but it is a torturously slow process.  Sometimes, in the midst of purging, you do find treasures.  
     When we were clearing out her home last year, anything of my mother-in-law's that was related to sewing or knitting or any fiber arts, were put in our truck.  Many of these bags I did not pack myself, so I am discovering new things all the time. Some things make you scratch your head - why, for example, would my husband or his brother, or my sister-in-law have thought I would want a bag of rags? True rags, not small pieces of fabric for quilting or something. There were other bags as well. Recently I found a bag of yarn and "stuff" from my mother-in-law's house. 
    In it, I found this:

It was thrown into a bag with some ugly acrylic yarn in baby pink. I think it was started by my husband's grandmother. I looked and thought, "hmm, I can finish this."  I learned to do needle point when I was 14, but haven't done any in years.  I did think I would have to find some wool to create the background for the floral motif.  But after looking further I saw this little line on the top of the piece in the palest of greens.  

Digging into the bag I found a couple hanks of the wool needed to complete this project.  

I am so thrilled.  A little bit of Gran's work and some of mine and we will have a family piece to enjoy for years to come. 

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  1. That's pretty awesome - especially since all of the pieces are still there.