Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

   This was the first Father's Day in five years that my husband was not working.  One of the inconveniences of working in theatre is that actors do not get weekends and holidays off as this tends to be when the general population comes to see shows.  This is the fifth season we have been working with an Equity Theatre near our area.  My husband has been in the first show since the inception of the theatre, but this year, no, he starts with show two!
   So, we were all able to hang out yesterday - for most of the day.  Our youngest son made  breakfast for Daddy - boiled eggs, melon and crescent rolls.  My daughter and I put together the hammock we gave Daddy for Father's Day which everyone relaxed or played on at some point in the day.  it was sunny and warm, but not hot.  
   I took a couple of hours to dash out for an audition at the local community theatre.  They are producing Cabaret.  I really want to play Fraulein Schneider - she has the most wonderfully complex and poignant music. However, I am at a weird age - I am too old for the characters like Sally or the dancers, and  too young for Fraulein Schneider.  We will wait and see - but at least I finally got my butt out there and auditioned.
    I hope you all had a really nice day with your dads, or husbands and kids.

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