Tuesday, June 14, 2011

okay, I'm not a soccer mom!

   Is it wrong to admit that I am hoping that my son's soccer practice is rained out?  Does this make me a bad mom?  I am rapidly learning that I really do not care about soccer.  Yes, I want my son to get exercise. I want him to make friends with kids his own age.  It would even be great if he learns the sport. But as for ME - I am not interested in the game at all.  I am sure it is great to some: Pele, David Beckham - I am talking to you.  But for me - nothing, nada, zip, zilch.
    Maybe this stems from the fact that as a child I never really participated in team sports.  I never learned to throw or hit a baseball with any accuracy. Although I swam every summer, after about the third year of trying out for swim team and quitting the next week, I stopped trying out.  Backyard volleyball = great.  Tournament volleyball, no thanks. I am a whiz at badminton!
    My sport was - thanks to a college boyfriend - archery. (Thanks Doug)  In that I found a sport I could participate in on a solo basis to test myself - or in a competitive nature, like our college intramural Olympics where I took a gold and a bronze.  Maybe it is because no one is yelling and clapping and urging you on when you shoot - they just watch, then clap quietly afterwards.  Sounds sort of like golf...who knows, maybe that is next on the list.

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