Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fixing Things #2

          For me, the main goal in having my nephew come up to work was to get the front porch fixed.  The steps are cement and fine, but the cap or decking is wooden  and was rotting in places - Not Safe!  So , after the dining room wallpaper was removed and the plaster worked on, the boys started working on ripping out the porch top.  Wow!  What a mess!  Not only was the tongue in groove top rotten in a couple places, but the  supports were rotten under the pillars.  Some was water damaged and some was eaten away by carpenter ants.
Pillar is braced and the boards are being pried out.

Mildew AND rot - what fun!
My nephew's thumb gives you an idea of the scale of the tunnels that were
bored through the wood. 
Mostly water rot.
    After removing all the wood, they discovered that one of the blocks in the foundation was crumbling away - there was a huge hole in it - more than half of the black was gone.  I think we may have discovered where mice have been accessing the house!  After some quick research, my husband filled the hole with Great Stuff.  It will insulate for certain.  Maybe the basement will not be as cold this winter!
Helping Daddy is fun - once we've vacuumed out the spider webs!

Our little handyman as seen through a double layer of dirty glass.  We kicked up an AMAZING amount of dirt and dust  this week!
     New boards are in place on top of new bracing, and we are waiting for the second coat of sand paint to dry before painting the columns and the bases.  Our next goal is the living room carpet - but one thing at a time!



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