Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Web Friends

All summer long I have been keeping track of a couple of  spiders that hang around out patio and back door.  The one by the back door we always name Pete because for some reason it makes the spider seem less intimidating to the children.(We think Pete is really a girl, but she doesn't seem to mind her moniker). Pete  has been known to bluff - you know, race out to the edge of the web as if to attack, then  she chickens out when we blow at her. 

This is a friend of Pete's.  This spider hangs below the window boxes on the patio, keeping the mosquito population down to a manageable number. This spider fascinates me with its contrasts.  It will hang completely still for hours, then, wham! attack a bug with lightning speed. 

The following are some shots of her attacking, wrapping and taking nourishment from an unfortunate insect which found its way into her web. Some are not very clear as she was moving  too swiftly for my camera to catch it all.


more wrapping

finishing the meal
After the meal, she climbed into the well of the window box to rest, leaving only her leg sticking out

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