Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The 52 Project

   Recently we were vacuuming up water from our basement (for the umpteenth time since we moved here) and as I shifted the bins full of fabric back and forth to access more of the carpet, I realized, I am a fabric hoarder.  Now for those of you who have helped us move one or more times, this may not be a revelation.  I know some of this fabric has lived in at least two, if not three, houses.  Heck, some is older than my eldest child. I have always known this and in a quiet corner in the back of my mind recognized it - usually as I was hauling a bin in or out of a moving van. However, this is the first time I have admitted it - out loud - to myself.

   All artists have some sort of materials stash: knitters have yarn, spinners and paper artists have fibers,  those who draw and paint - or worse, work in mixed media - have lots of  paints, papers, tidbits, etc.  Mosaic artists have jars, bowls and baggies filled with small sharp glass pieces. Those of us who sew have fabric.  Unfortunately, I have dabbled in everything I just listed, so you can imagine how my house looks.
   In order to alleviate some of the mess, and the stress it is putting on the shelves, attic and closets, I am starting a new project.  What???? ANOTHER PROJECT???  Now wait a second and hear me out.
     I am proposing The 52 Project.  I did not acquire all this fabric and other artistic effluvium overnight, and I know that nothing short of a completely house consuming fire will get rid of it in a day.  So, I am planning on one thing a week.  This may be using one length of fabric to make PJs for the kids (and NOT saving the scraps for quilts I will NEVER make).  It may be  finishing a project already cut out and not sewn.  I will include  finishing a knitting project in this list, or using some of my materials for make a mosaic for a Christmas gift.  using up some of the art papers to re-cover the  lamp shades.  As long as I use up something and do not hoard the remains, it counts.  If, as I suspect may happen, there are weeks when I cannot do this due to time constraints, I am obligated to donate at least one length of fabric to the college costume shop or the Salvation Army.  Every week something must go or be used.  My goal is to empty at least a couple of the storage bins by Spring and keep the trend going.  So piece by piece and bit by bit, i will learn to control this stash  that has practically eaten up a whole room! (Practically?? Who am I kidding? It owns the room!)
   Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.


  1. I LOVE this idea. I have a very similar problem. And I keep sorting and assigning fabric to projects, but never seem to put those "me" project above everything else I have to work on. Sigh...

    I will be very interested to see how this goes!

  2. Wow, you are my hero.

    I might be able to manage a 12-project, but never 52.