Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween a little late

   Par for the way life is running these days, I am about a week behind in posting the Halloween costumes.  Hubby has better ones but they are lock in his Ipod in his pocket at this moment.  Younger son was a peregrine falcon - or a  reasonable facsimile thereof.

My daughter was WINTER.  It was a "stitch it together t-tunic - throw on a few snowflakes and slap some blue and silver make up on under a tinsel wig, last minute, She forgot to plan ahead" type costume.  As she walked out the door to go to the parade (required marching band assignment) she said,  "I think I'll plan better next year."  Some lessons must be learned not taught!

PS For the 52 Project the falcon  finished off the weird fuzzy fabric that looked like the falcon's pin feathers as well as a bunch of black felt for the feathers.

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