Friday, June 22, 2012

The Horse Show

    My son  takes lessons at a therapeutic riding stable  in our area.  It has helped his confidence, his balance, and firmly solidified his love of horses. Last weekend was their second annual Horse Show.  This is an exhibition, not a competition.  Alex and his horse, Buckwheat, were the first team out.

 They were great.  I was surprised that they did not have him trot like last year, but it may have to do with Buckwheat's size.   He is much bigger than Alex's mount from last year, Marilla, so they may have decided on caution.

   It was wonderful to see the rider's and how they had progressed from last year.  The stable accommodates riders with many disabilities from ADHD to cerebral palsy, autism to recovering from auto accidents. This year's surprise for us was that after he rode, Alex was the commentator for the show.  Anyone who knows Alex has seen his talking into his hand as if he had a mic in it, and this time, it was real.  It was very lively.

Alex has a wonderful rapport with the horses, but there are two he gravitates towards, Buckwheat and Pip.  He rides both of these animals in his lessons, and just loves them.  Pip is a former racehorse who has been trained as a therapeutic horse. He has a wonderful demeanor. 
You can See Pip's tattoo from his racing days

Alex and Pip

Buckwheat and Alex
    This stable is a wonderful place - and has great people working there. (I have no scientific evidence, but I think horse people are always good people!)  Our state senator came out to see the show and pass out the ribbons.  He is a good guy.
State Senator Seward distributed the awards

Abby, Buckwheat, Alex and Daddy

Pip and his pal, Alex
While it may not seem so, the entire family was at the show.  Nicholas, however, seemed much more interested in the chicks than in the horses!

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