Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I will miss the animals

   With the exception of the first Halloween after he was born, I have always made the Halloween  costumes for my youngest son.  He never wants to be a cowboy or a football player, he wants to be an animal.  One year he was a crocodile,

once a beaver, another time he was a dinosaur, and last year, a peregrine falcon.

This Halloween he wanted me to make him a cheetah.   Let me tell you there are very few cheetah patterned furs or fleeces (it is a different marking from leopards, and if you don't believe me, my youngest will let you know!) I found cheetah patterned sheets, and thought if I were desperate I could cut them up for fabric, but honestly folks, cheetahs should be furry or at least fleecy.  I finally found something that would work form an on-line vendor.  Four days ago, they emailed me that they were out.   UGH! 
    We discussed the sheet option, but then he looked at me and said, "It's okay Mom, I can just go as a ninja."  Part of me rejoiced - he has a ton of black clothes, even a black balaclava, so this would be simple (and his other costumes were never simple). However, part of me mourns.  He is seven now.  How many more years do I have to be able to make him special costumes?  
    So I repeat, I will miss the animals, and the little boy now that he is becoming a Big Boy.

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