Friday, March 8, 2013

Show Shots from As You Like It

   I went to the theatre last night and shot over 500 photos of the show - my new digital camera is so much fun!  I have not edited any of them -  and they do need the light levels adjusted on some of them, but here are a few examples of what the show is looking like and why I have been so tired lately!  A huge shout out to Scott Segar and Matt Grenier for helping to make this set look so lovely.  You built some fun trees, guys! Thank you

Orlando being thrown by Charles the Wrestler
Charles the wrestler and Orlando
Orlando and Adam

Duke Frederick, Celia, Rosalind
A lord and Jacques 

Phoebe and Sylvius
Jacques in the forest

Touchstone and Audrey on the fabulous swing
Oliver, Ganymede and Aliena - he suspects something!!

one of Duke Senior's lords in the woods
Orlando and Rosalind - Epilogue
Audrey and Touchstone

details in the nooks and crannies

the bottom of the "touchdown" tree

Hiding the musicians we have this

My favorite tree

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