Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hopeful Farmer #4

     We bought a farm!  Yesterday we FINALLY went to closing on the farm.  Now we do not have to ask permission to run up the hill.  I can pull cattails at will.  I can plant the largest garden I want to.  Or not.  Now that we KNOW the sale has gone through, we can really plan - before it was about being, well, hopeful.  Now it gets real.
     Today, after volunteering at the elementary school, my husband and I took a test drive in the tallest truck I have ever driven. If it did not have a handle built into the front of the door area, I would never be able to get into it.  If we buy it, I may have to stash a small step stool behind the seat! It is big, and has a utility cap with the little side cabinets on the outside, V-8 engine and some rust - a perfect farm truck because I would never worry about it if it got a ding or a scratch.
    When the gate is down, I am tall enough to throw feed bags in the back.  However, I do have to climb the back to close the door on the cap.  Ah, the disadvantages of being short!
    Now to coop building and chicken purchases!

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