Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weddings and humidity and visiting and humidity - did I mention Humidity?

    We travelled to Southern Maryland for the wedding of some friends.  It was in their backyard (which was beautifully landscaped!) and, with the exception of a three minute shower, the weather held.  It was sunny, and hot, and humid as only Southern Maryland can be humid.  I'm talking about air you can feel. It wraps itself around you.  You have to push it aside to walk through it.  Thick humid air.  However, with a light breeze which joined the party an hour in, we were hot and sweaty, but not miserable!  The grooms were dashing in their matching seersucker suits and purple and lavender accessories. And since our daughter could not be with us due to her summer camp schedule, one of the grooms carried her photo in his suit pocket.                      
   We were able to visit with old friends and had a nice time catching up.
   After the wedding we headed up to the Baltimore area to visit with family and friends.  The hotel we stayed in was palatial - 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen (dishwasher, full stove, balcony and a flat screen tv in every room - much to my youngest son's delight). We adults did not care about much of that, we were just grateful for the air conditioning! 
    The next day we took the kids and met up with friends at a nearby park so the adults could talk while the children played.  Apparently I did not stay in the shade as I thought and I am now sporting my first sunburn in years.  That's what I get for forgetting to pack sunscreen and wearing a tank top. Ouch!  After a couple of hours we were off to visit my father-in-law in the next town over.  We had brought all the fixings for lunch, but he had already eaten, so we just took over the kitchen and fed our crew.  Then, with the boys in the basement playing pool, the grown ups sat and watched the Orioles play the Blue Jays (and win!) while, sitting in, you guessed it, the air conditioning. 
     Driving back home was about a 5 1/2 hour trip, but construction was pretty quiet on a Sunday evening, so it was smooth.  Now we are sitting in our non-air conditioned house with fans on, and wondering when our weather will return to normal.  In the mean time,  we are a bit quieter than usual as we try to stay cool.  Hope you are doing the same.

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