Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ring of Fire

   We opened Ring Of Fire, a musical tribute to the music of Johnny Cash tonight.  What an amazingly talented group of musicians are on that stage.  If you are near Greene, NY in the next few weeks, try to catch the show. It is a fun night out.
    Of course the tech week preceding the opening means my poor kids have been living on chicken nuggets and take-out.  I am happy I have a couple weeks before having to get back to classes,  and start on the next two shows (The Outgoing Tide at one theatre and Clyburne Park at another) so I can get caught up on house chores - yes, this place looks like Atilla's Huns encamped here for the last week.  So many projects I was hoping to complete this summer are still UFOs (un-finished objects), but I have a few days - so there is hope.
   Last week we went to the county fair.  I am not a fan of the midway - a near accident on a ride at Lake Quassapaug when I was young has cured me of the need to be in a small metal bucket while it flies in the air trying to fling its contents across the fair ground.  So my son and I spent our time in the animal barns.  I really loved seeing the sheep, and realizing which breeds are too big to start with. I definitely want to look for a dark fleeced lamb next year when we are shopping!  The goats won my heart, but I am not certain I could raise them for meat, and I do not want to run any sort of dairy right now.  I might be persuaded to have a few angora goats! Fibre animals would be okay for me!
    When the press of the crowds, the odor of the hogs,  and the noise of the sheep and goats and the hijinks of the cows got a bit much for my son, we retreated to the horses.  There, no matter what, he settles down.  Horses whinny occasionally, but they do not jump all over the place, or stink, or moo in your face.  There is a nobility, and a calm dignity  in horses that never fails to soothe him.  Especially the big  ones - Percherons, Belgians, and Clydesdales seem to be his perfect match.

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