Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Gotta See a Gal About a Sheep...

     Today, my husband, our youngest son, and I went to see a lady about some sheep.  We drove north about 2 hours to visit Stillmeadow Farm, where Elizabeth Kinne Gossner raises registered purebred Finnsheep.   We had been talking about other types of sheep, but somehow (I cannot remember exactly how) my husband saw Finnsheep and started becoming interested in them.  So, we visited Elizabeth's farm today, and saw her rams (three of them) as well as her girls, (seventeen of them, all pregnant) and got a general "feel" for the breed.
     Her flock is very sweet - docile, friendly, or at least respectful, depending on the ewe, with lovely fleece.
You can see the variety of fleece colours from white to silver, tan to black

"Do his bangs taste good?"

Chillin' with the girls

Using Cream Top as a pillow, while her mom checks him out.

A hug before leaving
   We were really impressed by Elizabeth's flock, her dedication to strong bloodlines and a disease free sheep, as well as her knowledge and willingness to educate us.   Before heading out to the barns, we chatted for a while and she showed us her five spinning wheels, talked about her pottery (Yes, she is a potter), as well as telling me the felting method she uses to produce her lovely felted purses.  Before leaving her farm, she had given my son one of her hand thrown coffee mugs, and me two different one ounce batts of fiber from her sheep. Her reasoning?  "You're going to buy sheep from me.  I'm buttering you up."
     We are hoping to purchase some of her lambs come Spring.  Keep you posted. 

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