Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Hopeful Farmer #8

       Cleaned the coop this morning - fun, fun, fun.  I just keep reminding  myself of the benefits all the composted chicken manure and shavings will have on the gardens this coming year.  Hauling out wheelbarrows  filled with droppings is not my favorite part of owning chickens.  The eggs, however, are.  We have been getting an average of 5 a day now, so we are going to need to start selling some occasionally.  Here are some pictures: you can see the difference between the eggs of the chickens who just started laying this last week (very small) versus the  girl who lays huge double yolkers.
A wide variety of colours, sizes and textures

This one is crinkly, but hard, unlike the few leathery ones we had a couple weeks ago. 

Barred Plymouth Rock vs new laying Australorp

An example of the variety of brown eggs we have been getting.

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