Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blood on the rooster

   Snowing this morning.  Folks are grumbling, but I can't help it - I love it.  I am a winter baby, and snow is my element.  Give me cold temps, and huge sweaters to burrow into and I am a happy girl!
    Brought water to the farm for the chickens.  I always put the scraps in their bowl in the run before letting them out of the coop.  Less confusion for them, less time for Snowy, the rooster, to think he might not like me today.  He hates my husband, and tries to attack him at any opportunity.  I do not need that.  When I opened the door to the run, they all came scrambling out.  I cleaned and filled the waterer, and filled the feeder.  Checked for eggs - none.  They have started laying in the afternoon.
    Looked back at the run and noticed blood spots in the treat bowl.  Hmm.  Checked all the hens, and saw a blood spot on the face of one.  Okay, maybe somebody pecked her.  Not really worried.  Then I saw Snowy.  He had blood dripping from his comb down onto his face.  He has a really lovely high comb, and it looks like he nicked the dagging on the top of his comb.  There was little to do for him,  but watch and hope it clots.  None of the hens will bother him - he is several inches taller, quite a bit heavier, and a whole lot meaner than any of them, so now we let nature take its course.
    Always something new for me to learn - including when to let things alone.

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