Monday, March 31, 2014

Endings and beginnings

   When we bought the farm last year, the house was already occupied. Nice folks, very self sufficient as they were full grown adults, not students.  Now our first tenants are moving out.  They bought a house. They were the perfect "first tenants" for us.   New tenants are all set up, but will be a different experience, as they are younger and students.  Hoping this works out.  As we were checking for possible forgotten items, we found a box with some old canning jars in it.  They were there when the tenants moved in, so they were apparently ours. This is what was in one of  them:
treasures abound!

    We were at the farm Saturday, just doing routine things, and we brought Tasha, our old girl with us, for her last visit.  She was fairly content just to keep us in sight - looked at the chickens as I cleaned their coop - they freaked out until they, like everyone who has met this dog, realized she was totally laid back, and would not do anything but look at them.  Today, she rests.  The children are old enough that they can herd themselves.  She has kept them all safe for many years.  She is a good friend and we will miss her, but she has earned this rest.

Tasha 4/2000 - 3/31/2014

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