Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A good weekend

   The university has a mid-semster break built into the schedule, right around midterms.  This weekend was that break.   We had visitors for a bit of that time.  The friend I have known longest in this world (outside of family) came for a visit, with her mother.  My mom came out as well, so we were all able to catch up.

 We went to see my  husband's show - very good.  And we spend some time in Cooperstown, looking at architecture, taking a ride on the Glimmerglass Queen,  and enjoying perfect Autumn weather.

a small tower best seen from the water

  After our guests left, I got caught up on some chores.  We spent yesterday setting some hay by for the winter.  We loaded and unloaded about 50 bales - the first of many trips to our local hay farmer.  We also harvested good number of wild grapes from the farm.  Although this has been a terrible year for apples - too many late frosts, I think, it was an excellent year for grapes. I got a nice crop from my  concords in the back yard as well.
wild grapes from the farm.
concords from the garden
    Last night I began the sorting process and started  the juice bag for the concords which became jelly this morning.    I have so many wild grapes, I may make a batch of jelly and make some  wine as well.


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