Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Hopeful Farmer: Berries

     Ah, July... the lilies are blooming, the roses are doing their rosy thing, and it is berry time around here.   Whether it is the currants and gooseberries I planted when we first moved in, or the black raspberries and red raspberries that were gifted to us by some friendly birds, or the blueberries that are still a bit green, we have a yard full of Nature's bounty.

    As with many things, we have some adjustments to make - I want to move the gooseberry bushes to the farm as the  chipmunks living in our rock walls tend to get the just before they are ripe.  (And they have taken over the upper garden - the bushes not the chipmunks.  Well...maybe the chipmunks, too!)   But today we had the perfect day for berrying - and tonight I will be  starting the  process for currant jelly - our favorite.  In a month or two we will make the grape jelly/preserves, and have some apples pressed for cider and  save some for eating.  But now is berry time.  Nothing is sweeter to me than seeing  children  with purple stained fingers and faces, after eating warm berries from the bramble.  
    Where ever you are, I hope you find some bird gifted berries on your rambles and are not afraid to pop them in your mouth, unwashed, still warm form the sun.  Happy summer!

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